omg! town eating 2012!


I’ve heard of this!  A free lunch served up by neighbors, eaten with neighbors, in the company of neighbors.  Don’t like your neighbors? Come find some new ones.  Don’t like all the morning chit-chat?  Just come for lunch; eat all by yourself in a corner --  we don’t mind.  It’s a free country and it’s a free lunch.   

So what’s the catch?  We honestly don’t know. 


You don’t believe us?

Your mother told you there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Well guess what, your mother never went to Town Eating Day.  If she had, she’d have been more careful how she talked about lunch. 

town EATING?

the schedule . . .

9:30 AM

  1. hellos, coffee, tea, scones, etc.


  1. Staying In The Game -- Norwich in the Information Age

  2. Sprawlwich? Building a Commercial District We Can Love


  1. Who’s Looking Out for Quality of Life? Roads, Recreation and Environment 

  2. Are We Taking Full Advantage of Our Schools as Community Institutions?


  1. Lunch


  1. Who’s in Charge Here? Learning to Live with a Town Manager


a little about our day . . .


TOWN eating? For a record-shattering sixth time, the old town eating team rallies the troops to get   all civic on you.

   This year we’re discussing broad themes of common concern:  Public infrastructure to build that on-ramp to the information superhighway; planning a commercial district we won’t regret; maintaining and growing public recreation assets that enhance our quality of life; where does community fit in the concept of public education and where does public education fit in our community; plus, that perennial favorite “Who’s In Charge Here? Learning to Live with a Town Manager.”  Be here, be heard, be happy.